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TCF Communications have a long and succesful history going back to 1988, when the company was formed as a computer maintenance and cabling business, focusing on the new breed of multi user computers running the Unix operating system.

Keeping up with the latest technology, whilst forecasting future techologies has always been a focus for TCF Communications. In 1992 the company embraced PC Networking and throughout the 90's into the 2000's helped hundreds of businesses to use the techology to migrate from the old world of large expensive mini computers, to the new breed of small and significantly lower cost hardware platforms running applications from Microsoft and Novell. To this day the company still regards computer networking as an important part of its business activities.

In the mid nineties, it became clear that PC networks and telephone systems would converge into a single communications technology. TCF were one of the very first companies to successfully integrate legacy telephone systems into Novell Networks, which was the start of what was known at the time as Computer Telephony Integration - CTI. We know it now as Unified Communications.

As we all know, the Internet changed everything. As is typical throughout the history of TCF, the management saw the "game changing" potential of the Internet and  immediately sought to become involved. The journey started by becoming one of (possibly the very first) internet reseller in Scotland, partnering with a new company called Demon Internet. Together the two companies supplied email, internet access and web sites to early adopter businesses.

With such the long history and successful track record in the I.C.T. industry, TCF are one of very few companies that genuinely understand the convergence of voice and data, in particular for smaller businesses of up to 500 staff.

Whether deploying technology using Cloud, On Premise or Hybrid, TCF are an ideal choice for your business.

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