Virtualization is a proven software technology that is rapidly transforming the IT landscape and fundamentally changing the way that people compute. Today’s powerful x86 computer hardware was originally designed to run only a single operating system and a single application, but virtualization breaks that bond, making it possible to run multiple operating systems and multiple applications on the same computer at the same time, increasing the utilization and flexibility of hardware.

Today's servers are widely diverse, both in function and form. By creating multiple virtual servers within a single physical server, you can significantly reduce operating costs and security risks, while enabling a multi-OS environment.

TCF deliver the world's leading solutions for private clouds and hybrid clouds. TCF will help you build and manage your own cloud. TCF's virtualisation solutions accelerate an organisation's transition to the cloud, by riding your IT set up of complexity and creating a secure solution with complete storage and networking resources. By virtualising all assets in the IT infrastructure, you can create a private cloud that leverages the world's most trusted virtualisation platforms.

Virtualisation can help you:

  • Reduce cost of buying or leasing server hardware
  • Increase hardware utilization
  • Decrease space and maintenance requirements for multiple servers
  • Increase network reliability and availability
  • Improve performance and accelerate application delivery
  • Optimize business and network infrastructure
  • Reduce capital and operating expenses
  • Ensuring business continuity and strengthen security