Cloud Computing

Cloud Desktop / Cloud Server

To thrive in today's highly competitive economy, top companies need to develop and maintain advantages over their competition. Most will agree that your advantage can be found using the latest in modern technology.

Cloud computing, or data centre hosting, is the future of information systems. Improved secure data access with reduced operating costs is a winning combination.

TCF can deliver the cost effective answers to your current and future technology needs, such as Cloud Desktop and Cloud Server solutions.

  • Cloud Desktop revolutionises the way you think about IT. Imagine treating desktops as a service.

  • Cloud Desktop is a fully managed turn-key service, complete with nightly backups, unlimited remote help desk assistance and options for on-site support.

  • Cloud Desktop will improve user freedom, simplify IT control and manageability, and of course, keep costs down.

  • Cloud Servers give you the high-availability, high-performance computing resources your business needs- you can enables you to easily scale by hosting on a grid of dedicated servers in our highly reliable and secure data centres.

  • Cloud Servers offer a flexible pay-for-use model to simply let you add resources as required.

Benefits of Cloud Desktops:

  • Hardware: Can run on any internet-connected device and requires only a thin-client

  • Software: Software runs in the cloud, no need to buy per workstation licensing (ex: Windows, Office, etc.)

  • Elasticity: Ability to increase/decrease processing power infinitely, as needed

  • Reduced Management Costs: Cloud Desktop can make support obsolete, whereas physical desktops require management and, in the event of failure, may need to be rebuilt.

  • OS Compatibility: Cloud Desktops make your Operating System (OS) completely agnostic of the hardware you are running it on, enabling you to run any OS on any internet connected device.

  • Remote Access: Because your Cloud Desktop can be accessed from anywhere in the world –you have ultimate flexibility in your workspace.

Because the cloud platform can be tailored to accommodate your budget without compromising the complexity of your computing needs. Your cloud is tailor-made to your company's needs, you pay only for the software and services that your organisation needs and no more.

To learn more about our Cloud Desktop and Cloud Server Solutions, and to determine if it's the best fit for your organisation, contact TCF sales atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.