....... is Britain's leading designer, developer and manufacturer of IP-PBX / Business Telephony / Unified Communication systems, delivering tangible business benefits for all types of company, irrespective of their size.

Splicecom's Maximiser system is a leading edge IP PBX which supports up to 500 hansets on a standard 1U 19" form factor device. Add more controllers as required anywhere in the world to increase the system to tens of thousands of handsets. Unlike many competng systems available, adding additional controllers doesn't require complex planning and installation, nor does it incur expensive networking licenses. Just add another Maximiser controller to your network and instantly gain an additional capacity for another 500 handsets. It doesn't matter how many Maximiser controllers are on the the network, or where they are located, as the whole system is always a single logical system - not a network of seperate and distinct telephone systems joined together.

TCF were the first reseller of the Maximiser system in Scotland and amongst the first in the UK. TCF staff work closely with Splicecom, which brings benefits to our customers, that are simply not possible with other manufacturers.

The Maximiser system is available on a software only basis which can run on an standard server, or can be added to a virtualised environment and will run on VMWare or HyperV. By deploying SIP for trunks and softphones, Maximiser can serve thousands of users without utilising any telephony hardware.

Vision is a suite of applications for Maximiser that includes:-
Vision Reports        - Management Reports and Billing Reports
Vision Mobility        - Provides users with the ability to control their extension whilst away from the office,
                                 as if they are still in the office.
Vision Live              - a fully customisable suite of panels or tiles, to display live statistics and alarms
                                 for any combination of user or departments regardless of physical location.
Vision Call Centre   - Full featured Call Centre application for inbound and distributed call centres.
Vision Record         - Encrypted and secure call recording for training, compliance or dispute resolution
Vision iPCS             - For iPhones and Android phones. An app that turns your smartphone into an
                                  extension, but unlike other mobile apps, your voice travels free over 3G or WiFi.